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Healthcare Solutions Team has been ranked as being the top health insurance provider in the United States for two years running. We not only offer a wide range of insurance policies but also ensure that applicants are not rejected based on their current health or the likelihood of developing certain health or dental problems or conditions in the future. In fact, applicants are not even required to answer questions about their medical or dental history in order to purchase the policy or policies of their choice.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides for your spouse and/or children in the event of your demise. Having such a policy is very important for anyone who is caring for one or more dependants, as it ensures the financial security of your whole family. We offer:

- Term Insurance

- Universal Life Insurance

- Whole Life Insurance

- Single Premium Life Insurance

Each type of policy has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Our company representatives go over the details of each policy option with each one of our clients. We take into account a client's family situation, budget and other personal particulars and then make a recommendation based on what would work best for the family in question. Naturally, a person is free to either go with our recommendation or disregard it and pick a different policy

Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance plan is one of the most flexible options on the market. It enables you to not only get immediate coverage for basic and preventative services but also work with any licensed dentist of your choice. The policy has no deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance. It is straightforward and, best of all, affordable enough for any American family on a tight budget.

Supplemental Insurance

There are times when even a good health insurance policy is not enough. While co-pays are not nearly as large as the entire bill, they can be devastating for those who do not have large sums of cash on hand to deal with unexpected medical emergencies.

Supplemental insurance, as the name implies, supplements a regular health insurance policy and ensures that you do not have to pay a dime for care that does not fall under regular health insurance provisions. Our supplemental insurance policies offer:

- Vision insurance for individuals and/or small business groups

- Insurance for health emergencies that occur while travelling

- Accidental Health Insurance

- Critical Illness Insurance

- Long Term Care Insurance

- Medicare Supplemental Insurance

We not only provide a great deal of supplemental coverage but also allow for a lot of flexibility in how the compensation from a supplemental health insurance policy can be used. Besides being able to use the money from this policy for medical bills, you can also use the cash for essential living expenses such as mortgage payments, groceries and car payments. In short, we ensure that you are totally covered no matter what type of health problem you encounter or how long it goes on for.

Our additional forms of coverage enable you to get top quality dental care, cover expenses that are not covered under normal health insurance policies and provide for your loved ones even after your departure from this life. We make obtaining the policy or policies of your choice as easy as possible by not only offering low prices but also making special discount offers available to those who purchase more than one policy. The forms are simple, our company representatives are experienced and helpful and we promise that you will not be turned down due to past, ongoing or potential health issues.

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